A personal experience of owning a 2003 Jaguar S-Type with a LURCHING ZF Gearbox 
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 Multimedia - Movies and Images of my Jaguar S-Type faults

Multimedia - AVI Movies and JPEG Images of the faults I have experienced on my S-Type

Video files are encoded AVI files. These may require the appropriate Codec. All run correctly with Windows XP (also tested with Mac Os X).

Movies (AVI) Size Description
burned_out_brakes.AVI 1.0 Mb Burned out rear brake pads.
Air_con_lockout_1.AVI 2.9 Mb Air-conditioning locking out.
Air_con_lockout_2.AVI 2.8 Mb Alternate Air-conditioning locking out.
screen_lockout_1.AVI 2.4 Mb SatNav-screen lockout - no display.
screen_lockout_2.AVI 2.3 Mb Alternate SatNav-screen lockout - no display.
creaking_2.AVI 2.3 Mb Creaking/Squeaking/groaning front brakes.
creaking_suspension.AVI 2.6 Mb Alternate Creaking/Squeaking/groaning front brakes.
creaking_after_pads.AVI 1.8 Mb Creaking brakes after replacement pads.
creaking_19_04_2005.AVI 1.0 Mb Creaking brakes when entering garage - 19th April 2005
squeaking_wheel.AVI 1.2 Mb Squeaking steering wheel.
squeaking_wheel_2.AVI 1.5 Mb Alternate squeaking steering wheel.
squeaking_wheel_31_03_2005.AVI 2.7 Mb Temperature of around 10°C and damp - squeak is a very good barometer of weather conditions.
05_04_05_squeak_10_degrees.AVI 2.4 Mb Outside temp of 10°C and light rain - seems to be the ambient conditions for the loudest squeak.
lights_06_02_2005.AVI 1.0 Mb Xenon lights unable to align correctly. Note position of left light
bouncing_and_resetting.AVI 2.0 Mb Xenon light bounces on reset and adjusts in a higher position.
resetting.AVI 1.3 Mb Resetting lights - new alignment visible after reset.
18_04_2005_lights.AVI 1.2 Mb Xenon lights adjusting too high.
loose_air_intake.gif 149 kb Gif animation showing location of loose air hose as witnessed by Dealer.
Image (JPEG) Size Description
18_04_2005_light.jpg 67 kb Image just before Movie 18_04_2005_lights.AVI was taken (See above). Note position of left light.
1_broken_aircon.jpg 70 kb Completely dead screen AND all heater/radio controls.
water_in_boot_1.jpg 49 kb Water ingress into boot spotted by AA Engineer.
water_in_boot_2.jpg 49 kb Alternate water ingress spotted by AA Engineer.
water_in_boot_3.jpg 49 kb Alternate water ingress spotted by AA Engineer.
residue_on_brakes.jpg 26 kb Residue identified by AA Engineer on rear brakes
bush_inserts.jpg 58 kb Inserts for rear bushes - as outlined in TSB S204-11
low_coolant.jpg 20 kb Leaking replacement radiator causing breakdown in Belgium.
into_belgium_1.jpg 66 kb Breakdown in Belgium.
into_belgium_2.jpg 64 kb Alternate breakdown in Belgium.
into_belgium_3.jpg 54 kb Alternate breakdown in Belgium.
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Size Descriptiion
letter_to_md.pdf 71 kb Letter sent to Mr Joseph Greenwell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, of Jaguar UK on 15th April 2004, along with 7 other S-Type owners who also experienced the ZF gearbox lurch.
letter_to_md2.pdf 60 kb Letter sent on 1st February 2005 to Ms.  Bibie Boerio, Jaguar Managing Director. NO RESPONSE AT ALL TO THIS LETTER.
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